Cologne and Aachen

Yesterday was the five week marker of my arrival in Brussels- eeeek!! Where has the time gone?! Of course, my parents will laugh and tell you about how I called them twice within the first three days in tears, begging to come home. And now, I can’t believe that I’m almost halfway done with this incredibly adventure! As the first round of assessments are taking place, I’m so excited to be traveling with my European Studies course throughout Europe! I’ve attached below the itinerary from my weekend in Cologne and Aachen (14-15 September), along with the photos I took.  I tried to upload the pictures after each of the stops, but please bear with me!  Spent a wonderful day Bruges yesterday – look for those photos soon!! Love to all and thanks for following my blog xo 🙂

Saturday, September 14

8:00 a.m.         Get on coach (De Strycker or Bus & Co) in front of Vesalius College.

8:10                 Departure.

We watch the beginning of the BBC series I Claudius based on Robert Graves’ eponymous novel. An amateur historian, Claudius, Rome’s fourth emperor, recounts the intrigues at the imperial court.  The story begins with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the battle of Actium (31 BC) by his grand parents, Augustus and Livia.

**This is actually a great movie! I highly recommend it for all history buffs (and even those like me who like an exciting plot twists!)

±10:00                         Student presentations on Roman Burial rites

10:45               Arrival in Köln. The bus drops us near the Cathedral (Dom).

First, we get in the Choir because it closes at noon. There, you will see the 10th c. Gero crucifix, the shrine of Nicolas de Verdun (1184) and Stephan Lochner’s altarpiece of the City patrons (1440). Then we see the nave before looking at the exterior of the Dom. Student presentation on the Cathedral (**that was me! I rocked it!!)


12:00               Break for lunch (picnic lunch provided)


13:00               Go to the entrance of the Praetorium (Kleine Buddengasse) where a tour guide will be waiting for us. She will show us the excavations of the praetorium and what remains of the Roman sewers.  Then we will walk to the Romisch-


DSC01624 DSC01627 DSC01628 DSC01629 DSC01636 DSC01612 DSC01614 DSC01615 DSC01616 DSC01618 DSC01619 DSC01620 DSC01621                  

      Germanisches Museum where our guided tour continues.

DSC01696 DSC01637 DSC01638 DSC01639 DSC01640 DSC01641 DSC01642 DSC01643 DSC01644 DSC01645 DSC01646 DSC01647 DSC01648 DSC01649 DSC01650 DSC01651 DSC01652 DSC01653 DSC01654 DSC01655 DSC01656 DSC01660 DSC01661 DSC01662 DSC01663 DSC01667 DSC01669 DSC01670 DSC01672 DSC01673 DSC01675 DSC01677 DSC01678 DSC01680 DSC01681 DSC01683 DSC01684 DSC01685 DSC01686 DSC01687 DSC01688 DSC01689 DSC01690 DSC01691 DSC01692 DSC01693 DSC01694 DSC01695

15:30               The guide leaves but we stay to enjoy among others the glass collection.

16:30               Pass by the modern Ludwig Museum and enjoy the view of the Rhine.

17:10               Take the Hohenzollernbrücke that leads across the Rhine to Deutz where is our hostel and where the Romans had a fort called Divitia (the word became Deutz).

DSC01712 DSC01698 DSC01699 DSC01700 DSC01701 DSC01703 DSC01704 DSC01705 DSC01706 DSC01707 DSC01710

18:45               Meet in lobby. Take the bridge in opposite direction to go to dinner.

19:15               Dinner at Gaffel Haus restaurant, Altermarkt 20

DSC01716 DSC01723 DSC01719 DSC01720

After dinner you are on your own to enjoy Cologne by night.  There is no curfew at the hostel but remember that you need some sleep to be able to get on the next day.

Sunday, September 15

8:15-9:00         Breakfast.

9:00                 Place luggage on bus, then walk across the Rhine.  Walk to the Dom.

DSC01739 DSC01733 DSC01734 DSC01735 DSC01736 DSC01737 DSC01738

9:30                 All courageous students are invited to climb up the towers (500 steps!).  

DSC01757 DSC01758 DSC01760 DSC01761 DSC01764 DSC01765 DSC01742 DSC01746 DSC01747 DSC01748 DSC01749 DSC01752 DSC01754 DSC01755

10:00               Walk to Fischmarkt (where was the medieval Fish market) and the nearby

Romanesque Church Gross St Martin.

DSC01770 DSC01766 DSC01768 DSC01769

10:20               Visit the Wallraf Richartz Museum (Obenmarspforten street).

We will see first the 15th c. paintings of the Cologne region.

Student presentations on Stefan Lochner

Afterwards, we will see the highlights of the rich museum collection.

DSC01801 DSC01802 DSC01772 DSC01773 DSC01778 DSC01779 DSC01780 DSC01786 DSC01789 DSC01790 DSC01792 DSC01795 DSC01798


12:30               Leave the museum. Just in front is the ground of extensive excavations that will soon be a museum to the Jewish past of Cologne.  In this neighborhood lived the Jews since the 3rd c. In the Middle Ages they built a Synagogue that was razed down after their expulsion in 1424. The 12th c. Jewish ritual bath, the Mikwe, survived.  This is situated close to the Rathaus (town hall) built on top of the praetorium we visited on Saturday.  There took place the meetings of the Hanse.

                        Most of the Rathaus was destroyed in WWII except for a Renaissance wing.



12:45               Break up for lunch.

DSC01810 DSC01805


(The railing at the top of the tower is where we climbed earlier!!

13:45               Meet by the Roman North gate in front of the Cathedral and walk to where our bus is parked to go to AACHEN.

Student presentation on Roman Leisure

We start watching Gladiator (Directed by Ridley Scott, 2000). The movie begins with the victory of the Roman army against the Germans on the Danube and death of emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180), who, in the story, planned to appoint the victor, general Maximus, as his successor but his son Commodus takes power.

14:50               Arrive in Aachen.  Walk by the Rathaus that was built on the location of

Charlemagne’s palace. From there we walk to the Dom.

Student presentation on Charlemagne

DSC01817 DSC01813 DSC01814 DSC01815 DSC01816

15:30               Guided visit of the Cathedral and the Treasury.

DSC01824 DSC01826 DSC01829 DSC01819 DSC01820 DSC01823

17:00               Tour is over.

Coffee or tea break.

17:45               Walk back to the bus where you will receive a snack before we start driving back.

On the road to Brussels, we will watch the rest of Gladiator or at least most of it.

±20:00             Arrival in Brussels.


2 thoughts on “Cologne and Aachen

  1. Emily. The photos you have here are incredible. Thanks for including me.Continue to have a fabulous time. Hopefully, I’ll get to see you when you return. Hugs, Grampa

  2. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, just breathtaking! I feel like I’m right there in the cathedral. I enlarged one of the pics of the Dom and you can see all the beautiful detail. It looks like it stretches all the way up to the heavens. Thank you for taking the time and sharing. Je t’aime, Mlle vous

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