Top Host Family Meals

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my host mom, Marie-France, is an AWESOME cook! Like to the extent that I pass up French Fries and the chance to grab a bite to eat with friends to rush home for dinner by seven every night (and for anyone who knows me, this is huge!) Because I typically don’t eat breakfast, and simply grab a sandwich to go for lunch, having the luxury of a home cooked meal not only brings comfort and routine to my day, but gives me the opportunity to interact with my host family, practice my French, and poke fun at various topics, countries, and people with my super sarcastic, yet genuine and caring host.  

Being a lover of food (and eating), I wanted to make sure I recorded a couple of my favorite meals that my host mom has made, especially so I can make them again upon my return to the states. Note that this is a working list and will change throughout the semester; I won’t be able to post pictures of the meals, but if you want the recipe, let me know and I can get it for you! The meals themselves are really simple, but only made with whole foods- it’s actually really hard to find processed foods at the grocery store- and are incredibly clean.


  • fetteccini with vodka sauce and nova
  • broccoli quiche with nova as the bottom crust
  • homemade pizza (with real cheese!)
  • fish sticks, cream of spinach, and boiled potatoes
  • chicken pot pie with french fries


To be continued…


One thought on “Top Host Family Meals

  1. Ok, so we have heard all about the waffles, frites w/mayo, salads w/warm goat cheese, apricots & walnuts, pizza w/ham,artichokes,mushrooms and pesto, the great homemade dinners, And lets not forget the beer! They all sound wonderful, but now I’m craving them. How are your classes??
    Love you, Auntie

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