Memories from Week 3

Not a full post, but a few memories and photos that are fun and worth sharing! 🙂


Glenn, the other host student living with us, has decided to teach our host mom’s cat, Mister Gris, how to do tricks, specifically, ‘give paw.’ And while my host mom shook her head, sarcastically joking about how Americans always try to do the unthinkable, Glenn sat in the backyard with Mister Gris, playing cat videos from his iPad and training our cat.  The result? A huge scratch on Glenn’s hand and more jokes from my host mom about stupid Americans 🙂



As mentioned in another post, my friend, Caitlin, has a knack for finding really neat places to get food in Brussels; however, she seems to bring bad luck about her in terms of getting to and from the locations before the buses stop running!  We set off Thursday night to Maison Antoine, a three generations fries place located about twenty minutes from school.  While the fries themselves were pretty good (not as great as Scal Frites, but still tasty!), the real adventure was transportation; getting there, the bus was fifteen minutes late, meanwhile leaving us to choose between walking down a sketchy street or forfeiting our trip all together, and coming back, the bus never came after a forty minutes of waiting, leaving us to split a taxi back to the university so we wouldn’t miss or buses home!  Full stomachs and laughs made up for the hassle, along with a new pact to split fries when we go out to avoid belly aches! 🙂



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