LIVING in Brussels

What does it mean to enjoy living in Brussels?

It means sleeping in, reading the newspaper over baguette, nutella, and tea, familiarizing yourself with today’s current events.

It means jumping on the bus down the street from your house, nodding to the bus driver who has seen you three days in a row now, and greets you with a ‘Bonjour!’

It means not getting lost when transferring from bus stop to tram stations, and pausing to help other Americans read their map and orient themselves.

It means walking into the secretary’s office for some paperwork, and getting asked questions by other students who thought I was her assistant! 🙂

It does not mean waiting an hour to register for classes (grrrrr), but it’s having your advisor speak to you in French about the origins of your last name.  For the record, I was placed in Advance French, Debating Contemporary Issues, Exploring Transnational Issues in Europe, and a European Studies course that will bring me to France, Germany, and The Netherlands on various expeditions!

It means having an interview for an awesome internship and totally geekying out with professors over political strategies to respond to the chemical warfare attacks in Syria.

It means going to a local sandwich stand with the girls and getting baguette-long sandwiches that are SO good 🙂

It means exploring ULB without any time restraints or restrictions, just talking, exploring and soaking up the sunshine.

It means finding Brussels’ equivalent to a Walmart and making questionable purchases hahaha

It means returning to the campus bar, sitting outside, and enjoy a Belgian beer and chatting.

It means getting frustrated, both at the bank teller and the secretary at Veco, for delaying paperwork, but not worrying because you still have 133 more days to figure it out 🙂

It means exploring the streets surrounding Veco, even if there’s really nothing there 

It means getting frites (french fries) from a street vendor with mayo 🙂 actually REALLY good and I hate mayo! (I feel very Belgian!)

It means taking the transports home and, even when missing your stop, still being able to navigate your way home.

It means having a homemade dinner with my host mom and new host student and serving as the translator so they can get to know each other (and realizing how strong my French really is!)

It means retiring early for the night, eager to embark on my six hour tour of Brussels tomorrow!

A Demain! xo




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